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Suguna Motors & Pumps


Suguna Motors & Pumps

Borewell Compressor


A Quality Product from
Suguna Motors & Pumps [View Profile]
Coimbatore - India

Description :
-Shell moulded casting
-Interchangeable standardized parts
-Honed cylinders to give extra long life
-crank and connecting rod are made of special alloy steel forgings.::

Product Applications :
-Bore well compressor pumps are designed for lifting water from deep bore wells.
-These bore well compressor pumps can be effectively used for Agriculture, Industry and Domestic purposes.
-The bore well compressor pumps need no foot-valve /jet, hence it is easy to install and maintain.
-Column(s) gives level of water at working condition.
-Water outflow through delivery pipe will be pulsated and not continuous.
-The discharge of water will greatly depend on the yield of bore.::

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Suguna Motors & Pumps

We Manufacturer, Trader and Export of pumps and Motors. Products are manufactured in India, with facilities in Coimbatore, and foundries in three locations. An advanced R&D facility in Coimbatore keeps Suguna Pumps on the leading edge of pump-related technology. Our range of products are exported to countries in middle east, SAARC and neighboring Asian countries. Product :- Suguna pumps and motors, today is a global leader in manufacturing pumps and motors for domestic, industrial and agriculture needs. The trusted suguna pumps name can be found on a full range of pump products. Product Name :- Stainless Steel Pump, 4" Submersible pump, 6" submersible pump, centrifugal Monobloc, openwell submersible monobloc-horizontal, openwell submersible monobloc-vertical, Jet pumps, Domestic monobloc, agricultural monobloc, mini monobloc, high head pumps, TEFC motor, Bench Grinder, polisher, dental Lathe, borewell compressor, monoblock borewell compressor pumps, air or tank compressor, piston pumps, two wheeler and car washer. PRODUCT RANGE :- We manufacture the entire range of motors & pumps from our factories. The product range includes. 1. ?SUGUNA? Electric Motors both Single Phase & Three Phase in 720 RPM, 960, 1420, 1440, 2850, 2880 RPM from 1/5 Hp to 30 HP. 2. ?SUGUNA? Single Phase Domestic Pumps, Self-Priming Pumps, High Speed Centrifugal Pumps, Jet Pumps, Minimonoblocs. 3. ?SUGUNA? Agriculture Monobloc, Openwell Submersible Monobloc Pumps, Vertical & Horizontal up to 20HP and Single Phase Openwell Submersible Monoblocs. 4. ?SUGUNA? Borewell Submersible Pumps 4", 6" & 8" in both Single Phase and Three Phase to lift water from 1000 feet suction. 5. ?SUGUNA? Borewell Compressors, Air Compressors, Piston Pumps, Monobloc Compressors, Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler & Car Washers. 6. Grinder Motors in Aluminum & C.I body. 7. Self priming Pumps for boiler feeders and high head applications. 8. Coupled Pumps in 1440 RPM, 1500 RPM. Coupled with oil engines & electric motors. 9. We are marketing SUGUNA brand Diesel Engines, Generators and Electrical Starters. PROMINENT USERS OF OUR PRODUCTS :- 1. Agricultural Use and Domestic Use. 2. Automobiles, Service Stations. 3. Industries ? Diamond, Jewellery marketing plants, Printing machinery, paper industries etc. 4. OEM - Factories and Industries. 5. All oriented customers, house-water application, hospitals, flats, factories and Industrial houses.

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